Style your summer days in the city

A summer hotter than hell, doesn't mean leave your sexy looks behind!

Planning a vacation in a remote island sipping Cosmo? No? Planning on spending the evenings under the moonlight with the man (or girl) of your dreams and the smell of sunscreen lingering in the air? No?

That's ok, girl. We got you covered! The city can be a fun place to be in the summer despite the noise and traffic. Alright, so stuck here working your bum off and earning that extra money or obligations are skyrocketing, or both, you can still have (or make) time to have fun!

A cocktail in a bar with a rooftop or a nice dinner by the sea with your SO, can make your mind and body reset! Especially, if you dress to impress! Keep scrolling to discover the five perfect handpicked pieces that will colour your hottest days with style!

  1. The Millennial Dress

This summer don't be afraid to get loud and free your mind and soul! Five words.

Silk. Oversized. Maxi. Sexy. Neckline.

A badass babe of a dress will take the breath and the air out of everyone when you enter the room! With it's oversized and ethereal look will make you look like a Greek goddess.

A silk maxi dress needs to be in every woman's wardrobe. Nothing sexier and lustful that the feeling of silk satin on your skin. A dress that will make your body a living walking sculpture ready to fly! The pink silk satin with a plunging sexy neckline and straps is -almost- a must if you have a steamy night ahead! We can tell Ms. Bradshaw for sure that sex in the city will never be the same again!

2. The Anselmi Jumpsuit

This dress speaks volumes by itself! Inspired by a famous and powerful woman of the Italian resistance in World War II, Tina Anselmi.

As it's name, this silk jumpsuit belongs to the woman of our brave new world!

Feel empowered an inspired, with it's midi length and wide leg pants, and sexy with the ever so light and elegant straps, bareback and the elastic waistband that flatters your waist!

Get ready to roam the city streets like a 21st century rebel!

3. Pleated and Black Dress

Every woman on this planet owns a black dress. Either mini, midi, maxi or you name it, black is an all time classic for a reason!

Black can be a fun and elegant even in the summertime! The pleated black dress, will be your go to companion in a night out!

With it's loose fit, lacy details and straps will scream romantic and adventurous!

Perfect for a date or an after work beer with friends and colleagues!

It can be easily paired with sandals if you wanna go with a more boho style or high heels to make a more elegant look!

4. The Boho Maxi Dress

We all love a good old boho! The term boho chic, is not dead but very much alive! The boem and hippy inspiration is all you need to adopt the boho style you always wanted!

This sassy dress, reflects the western and eastern culture in it's print! Maxi and light on your skin will make the hottest days of summer more bearable and with style!

The back is wide open ending in the waist where it meets the elastic waistband!

Pair it with a lot of silver jewellery! Long necklaces, rings and whatever you feel will complete your look!

5. The Dress

We kept this one last as it's meant to be for the faint of hearts! Yes! You heard that right!

The summer of '21 needs to be celebrated loud without holding back! Dare it and have this darling to be your confidant when things get serious!

A dramatic dress with a really dropping neckline that will surely rise the temperature even more!

The back is a total different story! Bareback with two straps that intertwine and form an X that really marks the spot!

Wear it with Greek sandals or chic pointy heels for a more dramatic look!

That's it folks! The above are all suggestions that we give you after we asked a couple of our fans to vote! We want to hear your thoughts so leave your comment below and stay connected!

Note: You can always contact us and ask for tips and tricks and have real answers from fashion designers without costing you a dime!



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