Style-Centered & Unique

A Place To Dress Strangers was born at the intersection of style and technology in the need to optimize how Fashion and conscious shopping is a must. In A P T D S, we help you achieve this goal with our sustainable retail and our own handmade products that are made in Athens, Greece. We believe that less is more, so you will see that our retail collections are limited for the reasons mentioned above. Supporting local producers, we pick our items and fabrics in an ethical manner, with zero waste in the making. Our goal in the future is to create awareness about the environmental impact with online meetings, online trainings for students and professionals or anyone really who is interested, and a couple of educational material about pattern making, that can help you create your own garments at home with zero effort! You can subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to learn about new collections or upcoming events that might interest you! Our chat support team can help you need any assistance. Happy shopping and thank you for sharing our vision!